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Panic sets in when you get a call from police that they have arrested your child for committing a crime in Harrisburg.  You want immediate resolution.  Do not try to fix things on your own.  Your best option is to contact one of our Harrisburg Juvenile lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices, serving Harrisburg PA.

The Harrisburg juvenile court system is fundamentally different that criminal court for adult and has its own set of rules, laws and guidelines.   Though the purpose of Juvenile Court is rehabilitation, an accused juvenile can be subject to severe “punishment” such as placement in a juvenile detention facility.

If your child has been accused of a crime committed before they turned 18, they will likely be referred to the Harrisburg Juvenile Court.   In Juvenile Court, the judge determines whether your child is a juvenile delinquent and then determines the appropriate outcome, which can include probation, treatment or incarceration at a juvenile detention facility.

Act now and speak to an experienced juvenile delinquency attorney before your child is directed to appear for Harrisburg Juvenile Court or meet with a Harrisburg Juvenile Probation Officer.  Be aware that any statement made to a Harrisburg Juvenile Probation Officer could be used as evidence in your child’s case.

For many parents they torn between “doing what’s right” and standing by their child.  It is essential that you speak to a juvenile attorney experienced with the Harrisburg Juvenile Court before you take your next step – a step that could impact your child’s future.

If your child has been arrested or reported to the Harrisburg Juvenile Probation Office, and is being accused of committing a crime or being delinquent,  contact our team now.  Contact our experienced Juvenile Court lawyers serving Harrisburg, toll free at 888-643-0006.

Admit Nothing Until You Talk to Us

Whenever you or your minor child is facing a Harrisburg misdemeanor or felony criminal offense, the matter is “referred” to the Harrisburg Juvenile Court (i.e. Harrisburg Juvenile Court”) for processing, evaluation and prosecution.   Make no mistake about it.  Speaking to a Harrisburg District Attorney or Juvenile Probation Officer is not a cooperative process; it is adversarial in nature. Your parental instincts may compel you to have your child admit their involvement in any criminal activity.  Resist that urge.  Speak to one of our experienced juvenile lawyers serving Harrisburg.

Immediate admissions of guilt, even if your child claims responsibility for their shoplifting or vandalism can jeopardize your son or daughter’s rights.  They have the right to remain silent. There may be underlying issues that need to be addressed.  With the insight of a former prosecutor now serving as a criminal defense attorney, we can give you the insight you need and speak to the prosecution on your behalf.

Attending to All Details with So Much at Stake

We look at the educational records; grades may be falling while truancy is on the rise. Undiagnosed mental health issues may be a strong factor in a child acting out and committing a crime. In addition, while it seems unlikely, a child can develop a drug or alcohol problem that may influence them to commit crimes to feed an addiction.

This is likely your most difficult time.  Let us be your child’s advocate.  Speak to the Pennsylvania Juvenile Lawyers of Ciccarelli Law Offices now.

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